A digital temple to showcase retail experiences

Paris-based studio, Heroine is an expert in creating outstanding retail experiences. Focused on connecting brands with their customers, each of their projects translates into a unique experience.

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Enhancing the power of the retail experience

With consumer purchasing channels becoming increasingly digital, the retail sector is facing a real challenge in terms of attracting customers back to the shop.

Heroïne's method explores strategy and design aspects, through 5 pillars, analysing the weaknesses and opportunities of each of their missions. Their strong point: gathering customer feedbacks. This way, theirs concepts are build on KPI to measure the quality of the experience provided.

Their international, high-end clientele seek this expertise in order to provide their customers with an ever more unique experience.

Build a digital immersive experience

The concept chosen by the Heroïne teams is built around the idea that the Heroïne portfolio is a temple showcasing their retail concepts. Their ROX© method, symbolised by architectural pillars, is activated during the visit to the site, and delivers the elements of understanding.

The use of 3D adds a dreamlike dimension throughout the experience, drawing visitors into the atmosphere right from the introduction. The addition of detailed elements such as the soundscape, typographic animations and cursor behaviour all serve to underline the uniqueness of the Heroin universe.

One of the major challenges for an immersive and experiential digital product is to reduce the gap between the design intentions and the technical development solutions. It was essential to produce a clear and transparent figma file in order to communicate design directions effectively.

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A wide range of skills were brought to bear on this project, from the creation of 3D objects to webflow integration and creative exchanges with the client. I'm proud to have been able to work hand in hand with all these talented experts.

Amélie Guider

Webflow Expert

Daphné Héraïz-Bekkis

Project Manager - Webflow Expert

Tobias Peil

3D design

Luca Nardi

Webgl developper

Sofia Lambrou

Coordination, Art direction

Pauline Midon

UX/UI designer