Trustlux, Certificates of authenticity for luxury goods

Nowadays, win the trust of luxury brand’s cutomers is a challenge. By showing the luxury item’s journey, details, and authentication documents we ensure the client that is belonging is truely valuable.

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How to spot the difference between real and fake ?

The luxury market is invaded by conterfeit products and untrusted resellers. Bring back the client’s trust is a challenge, especially since the luxury market is a source of personal investment. The main goal was to provide a user-friendly app, which provide all the documents justifying the authenticity, and the possibility of an ownership tranfer. Our aim was to ensure the customer's trust, by conceiving the app as a luxury safebox, where every item’s certificate is protected.

Remove any doubts by being transparent

There are two main pieces of information that need to appear on the page for each object: information about the object itself, such as the name, brand and proof of authentication, and the history of the object since it was manufactured. As the luxury goods market is global, clean icons are essential for legibility.

Authentication scan is the first step through the app. The ownership is claimed by the rightful owner, and registered as a part of the item’s journey.

Sometimes there is no "one size fits all" solution because people and their needs vary greatly. Some people will want a single app that provides a full service, with all the details to be in trust. That’s the option we have explored for this mobile app. Other people will want an app that offers only the insurance of the authenticity, without details, only the “trustworthy stamp”.In the end, both options have their justification.

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