Digital identity powered by blockchain

Archipels, three solutions working together to secure identity and digital documents

Creative directions

User interface

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UI designer

homepage du site client

A smart puzzle to secure your data

The main issue is to stand out from the crowd. A UX workshop with the client identified a number of differentiating factors, as well as a specific positioning.

The concept of the coloured puzzle enabled us to respond to a desire to synthesise the technology used. The ambition around this concept is to be able to express complex encryption concepts in blockchains, while keeping the customer benefit legible.

Using evolving geometric shapes

The roots of the concepts are the willing to diagram the evolution of a document as it is checked and then certified using colour.
Archipels builds a jigsaw puzzle of data, centralising it and redistributing it with meaning.

Certified documents evolve schematically, in the form of cubes and circles in flat design, and fit together once they have been certified.
A Darkmode combined with a pop brand colour creates a dynamic effect thanks to a gradient of cool colours.

Color palette and art direction
illustration concept draft
menu and navigation design
various screens of the website


Parnership with

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Hand in hand with the client, this first work allowed us to analyze the market and synthetise the service. Although the website continues to evolve to meet their goals, this was an exceptional opportunity to dive into this technical environment, especially from a UX perspective.

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