Monaliza helps you build your future savings

Monaliza is a French start-up offering user-centred solutions for building up retirement savings.

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Blowing the dust off retirement savings plans

Retirement has always been an opaque world, not very accessible to novices. The aim of monaliza is to bring transparency to this type of savings and to offer a simple, flexible solution that can be adapted to individual plans.

The value proposition of their service lies in simplifying an opaque system, so the important thing was to prioritise. Through UX workshops, we built a site map tailored to showcase their service.
Compared with their competitors, monaliza's strong point is hyper-personalisation: in partnership with their expert advisers, we built a high-performance simulator enabling customers to simulate their savings projects.

Talk to young professionals about the future

The challenge around retirement is to anticipate it. When we talk to young people in the workforce these days, it's important to present a service that's simple, human and focused on the positive things they'll get out of it.
The visual aspect has been designed to convey these values and convictions.

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Parnership with

In partnership with the Bolk studio, the website and simulator have been built and updated in line with developments in the monaliza offering. Over a period of one year, constant reflection and communication were required, in order to offer digital tools adapted to the evolution of the service. Teamwork between the monaliza experts and the various skills brought together by the Bolk studio enabled monaliza's digital presence to grow, hand in hand with its evolution.

Daphné Héraïz-Bekkis

Project Manager - Webflow Expert

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Webflow Expert

Pauline Midon

UX/UI designer