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As a recruitment company specialising in tech profiles, Easypartner's aim is to guarantee an immersive user experience tailored to the specific needs of recruiters and candidates.

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Landing page recrutement

Analysis, scrum, iterate

In collaboration with the project stakeholders, an initial workshop enabled us to define the main business challenges. This was followed by an audit of the existing system to identify the friction points in the user journey.

Based on the detailed report, I proposed an action plan broken down into several stages using the scrum method.

From the creation of the site mock-up on figma, through to the design of the non-existent mobile version, we went so far as to work on design proposals with a view to readjusting the company's positioning in their sector.

Services tailored to customer needs

To meet the specific needs of recruiters and candidates, we have designed two distinct home pages:

The white mode interface for recruiters is designed to maximise clarity and ease of reading. This interface offers a clear user experience and makes the service easier to read.
The dark mode interface for candidates creates an immersive atmosphere conducive to concentration and detailed exploration of career opportunities. The aim is to ensure a pleasant user experience, adapted to the habits of candidates, while maintaining a professional aesthetic.

website's screen
black mode


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Co-conception & tests are keys

Although the conceptual solution has been carefully developed, it has not yet been implemented. However, the close collaboration between the stakeholders has helped to enrich the concept and develop a solution ready to test !